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Robert Strauss

NCrypted provides excellent value, tremendous expertise, and truly stands by their work. I've been working with NCrypted for 2 years creating the Lifester web app. NCrypted has treated me like family, bending over backward to help me launch the exact app I envision, all within my limited budget. They are responsive and creative, and act as though they are part of my company. There would be no Lifester without NCrypted.

Robert Strauss

The Situation


Lifester is a team communication and brainstorming platform that allows professionals working together to share information asynchronously at any time. The files can be stored securely in highly secure data room with restricted access. Lifester required a communication platform that will help communicate within teams. With fixed budget and an expectation of transparency, was brought to completion and launched.


Objectives and Challenges


Requirements from Lifester were dynamic and the client was demanding. They asked Ncrypted to create a platform for team-building and team discussions. Lifester team was looking for a successful business model that will operate in changing environments and they opted for team communication. We helped them launch their business successfully online after multiple revisions.


Our Analysis of Situation -


Ncrypted worked with Lifester to understand their business needs and provide a solution that best suited their vision. We were able to provide technology platforms that would be the need of the hour like messaging platforms, secured data storage, robust architecture with an emphasis on speed, dynamic forms for projects, etc. Coping with changing business requirement and not losing perspective was the major risk. The team switched from fixed cost model to agile approach.


Our solution and approach


Ncrypted helped Lifester set-up a real-time data messaging system, which is fast and efficient and was implemented using sockets. Synchronous meetings can be productive, but true collaboration means sharing ideas in any format – text, voice, to-dos or files – with any team member or group of team members at any time. Ncrypted helped users create projects that promote ideas or business or services, and share those projects using shareable links. The users can store sensitive files securely in highly secure data room. The access will be protected using two-factor authentication.




Tech Stack


With the help of socket programming, asynchronous transition for messaging systems was implemented. A secure architecture was delivered, ensuring that data files were passed as encrypted tokens and decrypted at the receiving end. The website was built using Core PHP and MySQL. Stronger platforms like Node.js were used to support the system.


Impact of this project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/audience


This platform helped teams collaborate and improve productivity.


Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered


Lifester is a decision making platform that can be implemented across industries and verticals.


The business model of Lifester was based on creating team collaboration projects, sharing data individually and in groups. The model supported a file system that is secure enough to store sensitive information. Lifester successfully launched their business idea with highly satisfied customers.


The Result


       i) A messaging platform that helps teams collaborate and share files of all types.

       ii) Multiple projects can be created and different access rights will be provided to the teams.


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