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Horinaz - Online Marketplace



Project Type: Web
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Horinaz is a wonderful project deployed by our team. Horinaz is a service marketplace for customers to get in touch with the providers for getting their services done. There are mainly two types of service requests – VIP Requests (where Horinaz intervenes from the starting point in the task and ensures everything goes smooth), Receive automated quotes (where Horinaz finds the best service providers itself automatically) and Offers (where the customer can select the provider and move ahead with him for getting his/her services done).

The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of algorithms to evaluate the service providers and give them points. It's like the artificial intelligence where an automated algorithm evaluates each service provider monthly and assigns them badges based on their performance.

Here the service providers don't need to login to the website and find tasks for them. They get a notification on their contact number automatically by the system if there is any service request posted that matches the service provided by them and their location.

Horinaz is free for customers, it doesn't charge anything. It only charges the service providers when any task is awarded. With this, it’s a win-win model for the customers as well as the taskers.

Overall the project has good features and functions. It would hit small service marketplace with a bang.

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