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Atlas Lift Tech

Project Type: Web
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Eric Race, President and Founder

We’re fighting for lift teams. We need lift teams. We will assist clients and care staff to attain proven and effective practices, while improving patient safety. This will give a platform to produce a thriving and sustainable culture of safety, where customers will not have to choose between caregiver and patient safety.

Eric Race, President and Founder - Atlas Lift Tech

The Situation 


Atlas Lift Tech is into safe patient handling and mobility. They undertake the agency for patient lifting from the entry touch points of patient onboarding such as OPD, emergency ward etc. Due to this, their lift handlers were involved in dealing with various departments within the hospital and there were about 5-6 hospitals within California already onboard at the time of their contacting us. They approached us to come up with an automation solution to streamline their process and improve coordination among their teams including different departments in their respective client hospitals.

Objectives and Challenges


Atlas Lift Tech faced major issues with task allocation before approaching Ncrypted. The number of users was large and the real time environment was loaded. The challenge was to improve the productivity and efficiency of the work allocation system at Atlas. The hospitals had to be equipped to handle a large database and multiple concurrent systems using dynamic form generation. Different access rights were provided to different users.


Our Analysis of situation


Based on the above objectives and challenges, multiple load balancers had to be implemented on AWS. A shift-based work task allocation system was implemented since it was a live project which had to cope with the day-to-day problems of the hospital. After a comprehensive project risk assessment, the pre-decided fixed cost model was changed to hourly model based on client needs.

The Solution -


  1. A SaaS ERP system with cloud based data synchronization. The admin users (lift handlers, coordinator and 3-4 others) will have assigned rights by super admin to perform select activities on the assigned hospitals. They will be equipped with mobile app, compatible with tablets, to perform on duty/on field tasks and update with patient data
  2. RFID implementation to ensure asset safety, monitoring and accuracy
  3. Smooth onboarding process across entry touchpoints with simple to use forms by the front-end staff and capability for the back-end staff to fill up more details as and when required
  4. Real-time data update across departments
  5. Advanced statistics and reporting tools with charts, downloadable export functionality (Excel, CSV formats) for admin users with given rights
  6. Hospital management tools for the super-admin for easy hospital onboarding

Tech Stack


Considering the core issues faced by Atlas Lift Tech, we provided solutions that were realistic and comprehensive, taking into account all real time scenarios. The website solution was based on core PHP and MySQL technologies. Dynamic form builders had to be configured to help make tasks efficient. Complex user permission levels were put into place as per client’s expectations. AWS technology was utilized to achieve customer satisfaction. The mobile responsive website helped achieve mobility and efficiency.


Impact of this project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/audience


Atlas has a new model now. They can assign tasks to various users by logging into the system. Lift tracker was updated with the new system changes.


Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered


Atlas solution can be applied to services based industries as well. Taskgator provides similar opportunities as the services can be tracked using this model.


The system was now able to successfully identify when the application was loaded and take appropriate action, accordingly.


The Result -


  1. Timely and effective coordination between departments helped improve patient safety
  2. Cost effective for the hospitals as major labor work was eliminated



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